Shamrock the Ville, March 16, 2013

We road-tripped last weekend!! All 6 of us piled in the van and headed south to Bartlesville, OK.
Bob ran the 5k…very quickly!! He was 1st in his age group and 4th overall!!


Caroline ran the 1k Fun Run and finished 7th overall!!!!


Even the non-runners had fun.



Winfield Food Pantry Run–2012

Caroline ran her first solo race: 1 mile.
She was amazing!! And that’s not just her mama’s opinion; she was the first female finisher…and 5th overall!!

Spooktacular 5k and 1 milers

October 27, 2012
Bob and Caroline were top dogs at their respective races!!
Bob won first place in the 5k trail run with an easy time of 19:05. His prize: $100 and a gift certificate to Go Run for new shoes.
I think this means I’m married to a professional athlete, right?
Caroline is following in her daddy’s speedy footsteps. She was the first female finisher…


Run to Cheney–July 14, 2012

Bob headed West this weekend for a race in Cheney, KS.  His lovely wife grew up in Garden Plain, so the family made plans for an eventful trip: these plans included a dozen juice boxes, baggies of grapes, a package of chocolate cookies, a package of vanilla sugar wafers and two cans of energy drinks apiece for the parents.

We’re always happy at the beginning of the morning!

As usual, while Bob warmed up, the girls ran around to work off a little energy.  Josie, as usual, was stuck in the stroller.



The race was part of the Sedgwick County Fair, and we thought perhaps we’d let the kids pick up a little culture (funnel cakes!) after the race.  No funnel cakes, but the girls participated in a Pedal Tractor Pull.  Caroline did really well; Lauren put forth a lot of effort; Lizzie just sobbed during her turn.

We arrived early, got a fantastic parking place, and registered: Bob decided to do both the 5k and the 1-mile.  Caroline wanted to do the 1-mile, but she wasn’t sure she could do it by herself.  Bob was torn: should he try to perform well, or should he hang back and run with Caroline?  He did both!  He ran the race, then he backtracked, found his little girl and ran the rest of the race with her.  And lest I forget: Lauren, who is mainly a walker-jogger (her words!), ran with Caroline for the first block, just to give her sister a jolt of confidence!  Oh, the things that make a mother’s heart swell…

Bob performed incredibly well: 1st place in his age group for BOTH races; 5th place overall in the 5k, with a time of 17:59; 4th place overall in the 1-mile, with a time of 5:20.  It was the first time he had raced a 1-mile since high school!

Bob’s running:

The finish of the 5k

The start of the 1 mile

Caroline’s running:

On the way home, we drove through Garden Plain and snapped pics of the lovely wife’s childhood homes.  What a flood of memories!

Wichita Ballet 5K–June 23, 2012

This race was a last-minute sign-up…and one Bob’s lovely wife told him about after she paid the registration fee.  It turned out, though, that she was oh-so-very-right!

Here’s the start line: Bob is wearing orange.  His family likes those bright colors, so we can see him coming from a mile away.

Thanks to RunWichita for the pic.

And…here’s (near) the finish!  FIRST PLACE!!!!!

Thanks to April Reed for the pic.


Hello world!

Bob started running again 3 years ago.  Here’s visual proof that old dogs can learn new tricks!!

Head for the Cure–June 30, 2012

Bob was at the top of his game for this race: 2nd place overall and Masters Winner!

The top three or four runners actually went farther than a 5K.  There were confusing arrows marked on the ground, and they went the wrong way for just a bit.  It didn’t change the placings of anyone, but it added a few seconds to their times.

The girls ran races here, too.

And we had a little fun during and after the running.

Bob at Head for the Cure

Bob at Head for the Cure